“Every business has a story, and sharp visuals are the easiest medium to establish an intimate connection between your story and the audience.”

Emad is a content creator and consultant from Dhaka, Bangladesh. A creative with a business degree in marketing (and a not-so-mild coffee addiction), he also founded Studio Baklava, a creative entity, which is a collaboration of two other fellow creatives.

With a specialty in food photography and videos, he also pivoted to commercial, fashion, and event-based content. Working not only in the photography and videography field, Emad has also worked with multiple brands in developing their brand identity and marketing.

Combining his skills in Marketing with his skills as a Photographer and Cinematographer, he aims to produce content from short films, to educational materials. He believes the creative field to be a platform made for collaboration and creation and wants to help others build their own creative presence as well.

Believing in not creating content for the sake of it, both commercially and personally, he has honed his skills for years to create and to capture the essence of the subject. He’s worked with a vast number of clients ranging from creative platforms to factories and collaborated with people who inspire.

Emad is now a sought after creator who works as a photographer, cinematographer, and  branding and marketing consultant for your creative and business needs.