The packages I provide are catered to you to make sure the project is true to the essence of your business. I provide a variety of photography services to meet all types of personal and business needs: Architectural and Commercial Photography, Fashion Photography, Food Photography, Automobile Photography, Lifestyle Photography and, Corporate, Artists, and Public Figure Photography. Contact below for more details.

Food Photography
Half of the experience of eating food is in the visual representation of the food itself. I provide stylized and intricately composed photos of food that reflect the personality and characteristics of each restaurant/brand. Don’t you want your consumers to be enticed at the mere sight of your food?
Architecture and Interior Photography
Photos have the amazing capability to encapsulate feelings and emotions without saying a word. This applies to all forms of existence. Through my real estate photography services I focus on capturing not only the architectural form but also relating the structure or product to its surrounding through the creative use of colors and light.
Professional Portraits
Portrait photography is about capturing people and their personalities. But portraits often go beyond a photo of a smiling person. There are many different types of portrait photography services I provide which include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Corporate Headshots
  • Artist Portraits
  • Family Portraits
  • Lifestyle Portraits

Fashion Photography
Whether you’re an established retailer, with hundreds of fashion lines or a small business looking to grow, you’ll receive a personalized package that will epitomize glamour and instill confidence. Whether you have an established look or are open to new ideas, we can support your existing style or guide you to develop fresh, creative fashion imagery. Providing you with commercial fashion photography for e-commerce, editorial, and social media platforms.
Product Photography
Aesthetic, yet, accurate depiction of the products you sell are imperative in getting people to buy it. By understanding your product and your brand, I will provide exactly what you need, product photos that make people say “How soon can you deliver it?”.
Automobile Photography
Each car and/or motorcycle has its own personality; they come with a different body with different curves. By playing with light and shadow I highlight those curves and specific parts that make that automobile different from each other. As a Hotwheels collector and automobile enthusiast, I can assure you that I will bring out the best of each car by showcasing their individual characteristics and invoking emotions.


When you want to capture the essence of a brand or a product through audio-visuals there lies the opportunity to create something extraordinary. I provide a handful of audio-visual services in terms of cinematography and videography from pre to post-production. I have packages where I will produce the complete video or if you require, specific aspects of the production process as well. Contact below for more details.

Promotional and Branded Content
Promotional videography is usually used to promote products, services, or events. Brand films usually involve more complex stories and normally have a bigger budget than smaller types of videos like events and interview videos. These include but are not limited to E-Commerce Products, Food, Fashion, Product, Automobile, and Interior & Architecture promotional content.
Talking Heads Video Production
Interview videography includes talking heads, vox pops, multiple speaker interviews, and more. It is often used to show audiences the opinions and advice from experts in their field.
Corporate Video Production
Corporate videography is the blanket term for most video production services in a B2B environment and normally the videos are for a targeted or limited audience. These include but are not limited to promotional videos, brand videos, training videos, and more. Training Videography typically provides online instructional videos for employees and students. It can also be used to capture “away day” training events. This training footage can then be shared with the rest of the organization that couldn’t attend the event.

Documentary Video Production
Documentary storytelling of the influence and effect of a product, the significance of an institution, the essence of a place with visual aesthetic and a true representation of reality.
Captioning & Transcription Services
Adding captions and subtitles to videos in a hard-coded or SRT format depending on requirements.
Social Media Text Based Videos
Producing documentary essays and videos. Promoting “under-reported” stories. Such as

  • Real Time – Breaking and topical news published directly to social feeds, ranging in length from 30 seconds to three minutes
  • In Depth – Video features, contextual background pieces, monthly themes, and shows for example:
    1. Animated Explainers
    2. Satire
    3. Current Events
    4. AJ+ Asks/Vice News
  • Video Journalists – Correspondent pieces shot on location around the world.

Event Video Production
Event videography documents; conferences, launch parties, panels, team building, lectures and keynote speeches.
Music Video
These speak for themselves, mate.